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Notary Services

Nonstop Notary of Georgia takes an active role to prevent fraud, to deter fraud and to serve neighboring communities, businesses and government entities in Georgia. We are not a government or state agency. We have provided notarial acts for more than five years in Fulton County, Georgia.  Also, Nonstop Notary of Georgia performs cyber security research, and the Notary Publics are Cyber Security Bloggers.

Simply contact us, and we’ll do the rest.  The office is conveniently located near Kroger Citi-Center Shopping Center and the future site of Zone-3 Police Precinct. To better serve work-life balance and flexible work schedules, after hours and weekend services are available.

In Georgia, Notary Publics are commissioned for a four-year term by the Clerk of Superior Court in their county of residence-to serve the public as an impartial witness in performing a variety of official acts related to the signing of important documents. These official acts are called notarization, or notarial acts. Many, if not most, important legal documents require notarization.  In general a Notary Public is available to  witness or acknowledge a signature on a legal document and to verify the identity of the person who signs-exceptions are for specific circumstances (i.e.  disability or illiteracy).  Notary Publics are unable to notarize state or federal documents. Despite the fact that notarization is not required on the I-9 form, notaries often are asked to “serve” as authorized representatives— which is allowed. Because the I-9 form is not an official notarial act, fees are different.

The primary purpose of notarization is the prevention of fraud.  The Notary Public acts a witness to the subscription (signing) of legal documents and helps to protect the legal rights of the persons whose signatures are being notarized.  The Notary Public must assure the persons signing are who they claim to be and are signing documents willingly.

For a document to be notarized, it must contain: 1.) Text committing the signer in some way; 2.)  An original signature (no photocopy) of the document signer; 3.) A notarial certificate, which may appear on the document itself or on an attachment.

No Notary is obligated to perform a notarial act if he or she feels such act is for a transaction which the Notary knows or suspects is illegal, false or deceptive; for a person who is being coerced or for a person whose demeanor causes compelling doubts about whether the person knows the consequences of the transaction requiring the notarial act. For more information, please contact  Georgia Superior Court Clerks’ Cooperative Authority or visit their website at https://www.gsccca.org/contact. Additional document services are limited, such as printing, scanning and copying-no faxing.

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