Ares Cyber Security Blog

What’s in a name? Ares in Greek mythology is the Olympian God of battlelust, courage and war.  Battlelust identifies a strong readiness for battle. Courage is bravery under undisclosed situations.  Ethical hackers are engaged with unethical hackers for the release of comprised networks, the restoration of vulnerable computers and the return normalcy if any.  Ares Cyber Security Blog (ACSB) is named for Ares and is preparing for active cyber attacks deterrence through research reporting. The cyber security blogger is a recent graduate of Cisco’s Global Cybersecurity Scholarship Program, Toastmaster, technical instructor, content writer and a novice Python programmer. Degrees are a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology and a Masters Degree in Project Management. Non-expired technical certification is CompTIA’s A+ Certification. Cisco’s Global Cybersecurity Scholarship was designed to address the deficit skills in the field of cybersecurity or internet security.  Cyber-attacks are frequent and progressively slow to detect. A goal of ACSB is to identify strategies to reduce dwell time, preventing loss of petabytes (PB) of data.  ACSB reports on the latest cyber security, security exploits from software vulnerabilities, subtle breaches and massive cyber attacks.  Other research reporting provides insight on open source tools to assist in cyber crimes and to mitigate cyber attacks of various types. The cyber security blogger name is Dishelesh Jones.

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