Police Plans to Hire Teen Hacker

A team of Indonesia teen hackers called Gangtengers Crew had stolen $4.1B Rp (USD $300,000) of airline tickets from various websites.  It is estimated the teens hacked into 4,600 websites.  A vast majority of pre-purchased tickets were stolen in October from Citilink’s database for travel agents.  The associated booking codes were resold on Facebook.  Teens were led by Haikal (online handle name) who is 19 years old. Haikal is a known hacker in Indonesia and taught himself network infiltration skills from the Internet.  The Crew’s education levels are diverse:  one college dropout, two high school graduates and one middle schooler (Haikal).  Breeched activities were noted a month later by Global Network. Monies from resold tickets were used to buy an expensive Ducati motorcycle.  Fun times were temporary and teens could face up to 12 years in prison under Indonesia’s Law of Electronic Information and Transactions. Adj. Comr. Idam Wasiadi of the National Police Cyber Crime Division had quoted, “Yes, we are going to let him go straight and become a benefit to the country.”


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Jakarata, Coconuts. “Police Plan To Recruit Teenage Leader Of Hacker Crew That Stole $300,000 Worth of Airplane Tickets From Website” Coconuts.co,  07 April 2017, https://coconuts.co/jakarta/news/police-plan-recruit-teenage-leader-hacker-crew-stole-300000-worth-airplane-tickets-website/. Web 10, April 2017.


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