Single Identity Manager Hacked: OneLogin

Bitcoins, ransomware, and climate change have one thing in common: heat.  Cyber-attacks have risen and many targets are unable to delivery on the promise of “protection” and cost efficiency.  The latest target of hackers is OneLogin.  OneLogin offers businesses identity management, which stores securely encrypted passwords from multiple users and accounts in the cloud.    Although the dwell time was less than 24 hours,  the hacker’s unauthorized access could prove disastrous for users in the future. The breach affected reportedly all of its data centers in the U.S.   The hackers had begun its weaponization after obtaining a set of Amazon Web Services (AWS) keys. Using the AWS APIs from a smaller service provider, reconnaissance of OneLogin cloud infrastructure was fruitful, connecting to database tables that contain type of keys, apps, etc.  According to OneLogin’s product data sheet “External Users and OneLogin provide Security and Identity Management,”  it integrates Active Directory and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) servers with its cloud-based Directory Connector behind the firewall.  As an application protocol, LDAP communicates with Active Directory databases.


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