Memory Leaks

When your computer memory leaks, the result is not catastrophic.   Memory leaks are not uncommon.  One way to reduce memory leaks is to install the maximum allowable physical RAM.  Even though installing RAM is productive, memory leaks occur.  Memory leak is virtual memory  manager way of dealing with a shortage of random access memory (RAM).  Each process  or program is allocated memory when in use.  After usage, the program or process is expected to close, allowing the space to be used by another entity.   Imagine – a computer has 512 open applications  or a buggy code.  The latter -buggy code- was the result of Cloudflare’s memory leak.  The result of the leak had dumped sensitive information to customer’s websites.  The product’s code defaulted to parsing logic when reading corrupted HTML. The new product was released on September 22, 2016. The memory leak was discovered in or around February 17, 2017.   Cloud computing is leaky- no pun intended.

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