We are extremely happy to provide an additional service, mobile.  This service enables customers to schedule notaries from their homes or offices on weekends. A mobile fee is applicable and separate from notarial fee.  Debit and credit cards are accepted only.  

How Do Mobile Services Work?

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No notary is obligated to perform a notarial act if he or she feels such act is for a transaction which the notary knows or suspects is illegal, false or deceptive; for a person who is being coerced or for a person whose demeanor causes compelling doubts about whether the person knows the consequences of the transaction requiring the notarial act. For more information, please contact  Georgia Superior Court Clerks’ Cooperative Authority or visit their website at

Disclaimer: We are not licensed attorneys in the State of Georgia, and  we may not give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice.  If you need assistance in deciding whether documents are appropriate for notarization, please contact a licensed attorney to determine applicability. Furthermore, you assume all responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided and must check the accuracy of information presented in documents, forms, etc.